Tribal Data Resources, Inc. (TDR) is celebrating our 40th Anniversary and would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to each of our clientele.
Without you, your trust, and your confidence in TDR, we would not be the #1 tribal membership enrollment software company.
Thank you for your business and trust in Tribal Data Resources, Inc. as we continue to improve and build upon C.R. Rick Anderson’s legacy.

TDR is the leader in tribal membership data management technologies.

Specializing in providing quality products and services that increase the self-sufficiency and administration capabilities of native membership and registration programs throughout the United States and Canada.
Established in 1982 and serving native programs for 40 years, TDR has maintained a goal of professional, effective, and personalized service to local government, membership, and administration staff.
TDR’s ProgenyES and People Data Systems (PDS) are state-of-the-art in data management software. Offering the most complete, scalable, feature-packed, and easy-to-use data management tools ever created for your membership needs.