• Progeny Enrollment Suite

  • Tribal Reporting

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  • Data Entry Security

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  • Enhanced Tribal Card

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  • Progeny Enrollment Suite
  • Tribal Reporting Reporting
  • Per Cap Payment Payee
  • Data Entry Security Security
  • Data Entry Notes Notes
  • Enhanced Tribal Card ID Cards
  • Enhanced Tribal Card

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Tribal Enrollment Software

Enrollment and Membership Management Systems

ProgenyES is faster, smarter, and contains more valuable features than any other Tribal Membership Data Management System on the market today.

Over nineteen years of hands-on programs administration and development within Indian Country has resulted in the creation of this feature packed, tribally sensitive, and technologically advanced membership and tribal enrollment software. All of this comes packaged with virtually no cost on-site setup and maintenance.

ProgenyES offers some of the most advanced reporting capabilities available.
Its drag-and-drop report builder is easy to use and it offers geo-sites for geographical reporting.

Designed to bring enrollment and membership management into the 21st century,
this system includes:
    • ID and Licensing card capabilities, including
      Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)
    • Enhanced Tribal Card
    • DNA profile and reporting capabilities
    • Pathways-American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal Directory software
    • Thematic geographic maps of ProgenyES report results
    • Integrated Photo, Signature, finger print and digital archiving
    • Automated Blood Calculations
    • Interactive Family Tree Builder
    • Advanced Security System
    • Database Archiving Tool
    • Drag and Drop Report Builder
    • Mail Merge & Label Features
    • User-Defined Reporting Library
    • Integrated Tribe/Culture Tables
    • Certificate of Indian Blood
    • Integrated instructional Help system

And much, much more...