Please review the top 5 FAQs which may apply to your issue, if the top 5 FAQs do not assist with the issue, please scroll down and follow steps 1 through 3

  • Prerequisites:

    • Be present at the computer of issue
    • Computer must have internet access
      • If you do not have internet access, please contact your IT
      • If internet access is not permitted or accessable, technical support may still be handled by phone (Proceed only to step #2)
    • You must have permission to download and install web & desktop applications
      • If you do not have correct permissions or unsure, please contact your IT

    Once all prerequisites have been met, continue to step #: 2

  • Contact TDR Technical Support

    Tel: +1(530) 226-9353

    Please inform the TDR technical staff member of your issue, notify the TDR technical staff member that you're on Direct Connection page step #: 2 .

    Wait for TDR technical staff to direct you to step #: 3 .
    TDR technical staff may resolve your issue or anwser your question without Direct Connection